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Quilting by Susie
Longarm Quilting Services
Using Gammill™ Quilting Systems

Professional, Longarm quilting services are available to you! Dream Catcher Quilting offers meandering, stippling, and some custom work stitched with a Gammill™ Stitch-Regulated, Hand-Guided quilting machine. We also offer edge-to-edge, and some custom work stitched on a Gammill Statler Stitcher Computer-Guided quilting machine.

Catching Dreams
Quilting a dream into a quilt is well understood by quilters. We make quilts for all kinds of reasons-our family and friends, raffle quilts for quilt guilds, or other special causes, and quilts for those who are in need of a hug.

Dream Catcher Quilting came into being because of a love of quilting and the excitement of creating something that begins as an idea, develops into a dream, and finally into a work of wonder that is to be seen and touched. A finished quilt top is truly a dream come true. Whether a quilt top is made by an experienced quilter, a beginner, student learning a new quilting method, or another quilter, the final quilting stitches enhance and bring it to life.

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